Loyal Duraskirt Customers

Owners Dave And Rich

Our Hair Is Off To Our Loyal Duraskirt Customers – No Joke!

Thanks to our loyal Duraskirt Customers for your outstanding response to our requests

The once in a lifetime offer to our loyal Duraskirt customers was the first and only of its kind since we began manufacturing in 2000.  Wow!  Fifteen years this year and still serving people with all our hearts, minds and God gifted abilities.  We are excited , as many of you are, for Duraskirt™ Park Plus “Park Plus Flyer” and its potential in our economy for above ground sets.  The pricing is available upon request by calling 360-419-9909.

“We are very much indebted to all the loyal Duraskirt customers who responded and will certainly help you in any way we can in the future.  We will not forget what you have done for us!  Thank You!”

Thank you and as per our offer we have a few starter letters of recommendation to choose from or simply write your own.

Starter Letter 1)  Sample1

Starter Letter 2) Sample2

Starter Letter 3) Sample3

We look forward to a future where plastic and wood products become obsolete to the newest technological advancements in concrete products.  We believe we are already there with your help and on the way to greatness hand in hand!


Thanks Again!

Richard and David Imus

Creative Concrete Products, LLC



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