best concrete board siding

A beautifully done home with concrete board siding installed.

What Really Is The Best Concrete Board Siding?

When you are looking to replace or install skirting for your home (mobile or otherwise) you are no doubt looking for something that is sturdy, reliable, versatile and—of course—reasonably priced. There are many different types of boarding and skirting out there on the market, ranging from brick products to wood slats and concrete siding and much more. The most important factors that indicate the quality of siding are the quality of the materials, the longevity of the product, and how the product can be used.

Duraskirt™ is a versatile, highest quality cement or best concrete board siding that can be used on everything from mobile homes to log cabins to post and beam house and much more. In terms of a high quality, reliable concrete board siding, Duraskirt™ meets every expectation you as a homeowner could have—and then exceeds them.

One of the most unique aspects of Duraskirt™ is how easy it can be to install. Much of the high prices involved in concrete siding installation are not actually from the materials, but from what people charge to actually install the product. Paying for time and labor can easily triple or even quadruple the total cost of getting new concrete skirting, especially if you are dealing with a company that charges an exorbitant amount for labor. Duraskirt™, however, provides you with two very reasonable options: do-it-yourself installation or having it installed for you.

The pricing for installing Duraskirt™ siding yourself is very reasonable: per lineal foot for the traditional smooth concrete siding; or a deal per lineal foot for the Northwest Aggregate concrete board siding. This calculates to be very cost effective per square foot, respectively. Duraskirt™ is much easier to install than other types of concrete siding, making the “do it yourself” option very appealing to many people.

If you don’t want to install Duraskirt™ siding yourself, however, you are in luck: the company also offers an affordable installation price, which covers the cost of the siding as well as having it installed. The installation price for the traditional cement concrete board siding is reasonable per linear foot; the installation price for the Northwest Aggregate concrete siding is a deal too.

Duraskirt™ brings everything you could want in concrete siding to the table—plus that little extra that makes it truly unique in the business. If you are looking for the very best in concrete board siding, look no further than Duraskirt™.

By Richard S Imus