concrete skirting on Silvercrest M07

A Silvercrest M07 With Duraskirt™ Concrete Skirting In April 2004

Some know Creative Concrete Products, LLC began its journey in 2000 after applying for their patent for a concrete skirting product.  The idea was not new to the industry that concrete panels could be constructed  from concrete and placed around the perimeter of a manufactured or mobile home.  The space this fills is called skirting and everyone knows it as Mobile Home Skirting.  The problem everyone lacked was an equitable method of making these panels.  So a method was found and a company was born and the product was named Duraskirt™.

As the first concrete skirting panels were being made,  although fast to install, they were quite heavy and cumbersome.  One of the first homes to skirt was a Silvercrest M07, which had many corners to turn but all in all it finished off very decent and the owners were pleased.  You can see from this photo gallery that Duraskirt™ was still using the plastic vents which became obsolete in 2010 when the “Hidden Vent System” was designed and the cut-able filler panel started into mass production.

The cut-able filler panel was entirely different in its construction and production cycle.  The giant heavy (165 lb.) panels became obsolete to these 65 lb. panels naming them Anchor Skirting because of the Geotec fabric inserted into the bottom of each one.  The contractors and dealers wanted to keep calling it Duraskirt™ although the company marketed them for two years as Anchor Skirting.  Soon a decision was made to call them Duraskirt™ Pro version as they were a premium version made with a revamped concrete mixture and galvanized wire reinforcement.  In a basic sense these panels were an exact scaled down version of a tilt-up wall used widely in commercial buildings.

The great thing was these panels can be used for replacement of the original panels if they became damaged in any way.  This is not the only positive outcome as they could be marketed for may other uses.  Some started calling them Concrete Board or Cement Boards.  These concrete panels have been used as skirting decks, Park Models, wainscoting on pole buildings, covering insulation on commercial structures, manufactured home skirting, shed skirting, mobile homes as mention before, modular trailers for offices or classrooms and more.  Creative Concrete Products, LLC has even more plans ahead for its use and the future will tell the story as it unfolds.

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By Richard S Imus