Rock Skirting

When you are looking for a rock skirting products that is durable and real consider Northwest Aggregate Duraskirt™.

Duraskirt™ is a concrete panel skirting system. It includes panels, attachment hardware, ventilation and joint concealing products. The two main types are Traditional Smooth and Exposed Aggregate:

Traditional Duraskirt Pro is available in 30”tall and 37” tall panels. While exposed aggregate Pro is available in 30” tall panels only.  Northwest Aggregate is a concrete rock skirting for mobile homes.

The following are 3 reasons to choose Duraskirt™:

1)    Ventilation:

It’s hidden under the edge of the home and at the top of the skirting. The air flows through under the house making sure that there is no build-up of dampness or any musty air trapped under the floorboards of you home.  Consequently, it provides your family with a healthier air quality in your home.


2)    Versatile:

It’s a great asset if you are planning to do any significant landscaping around your home. Also, it can be used as a backdrop for gardens around the home or even to help hide some of the less attractive components of the home.  You will find that you can change the design of the exterior of your home in color or siding and still fit well with the skirting.


3)    Affordable: Northwest Aggregate is exceptionally a great value because the cost is reasonable and labor is very inexpensive due to the quick installations.   Check out the videos and they can verify the ease on which this product can be installed on any manufactured or mobile home.


With the ventilation, versatility and most importantly the affordability that Duraskirt™ concrete skirting provides to any building type, it’s worth the investment.

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By Richard S Imus