While manufactured home skirting is not really something that can be done only by experts, it is still advisable to hire professionals that have already spent years in this kind of work. Duraskirt is one of the trusted brands when it comes to mobile home skirting. The engineering expertise of the company and the professional approach of its employees eventually made them the choice of many mobile home owners for skirting jobs.

Skirting a log cabin home

Duraskirt looks great on a log cabin home.


Skirting homes for life

There are many materials that can be used for skirting mobile homes, but some if not most of them are good only for a few years. This is especially true with commercially available options such as DIY materials. To make sure that the skirts will be there and useful for a long time, it is necessary to use concrete. By using concrete skirting manufactured and designed especially for the house, you can be sure that it will stay there and be useful for years.


Skirting manufactured homes for safety

When there is a space under the flooring, it can serve as a security problem because the space can be accessed not only by animals but even burglars. When this happens, the privacy of the homeowner is compromised and might even be an opportunity for trespassers to access the home when the owner is not around. With a sturdy concrete used for skirting manufactured homes, it is impossible to access the space between the flooring and the ground.

Manufactured home skirting for strength

The unique Duraskirt mobile home skirting technology is an example of ways to strengthen the form and foundation of the mobile home. Concrete skirting helps a lot in supporting the foundation of the house because the concrete slabs are also set firmly on the ground. This in some ways can help fight against tilting if the ground for some reason it moves or settles for whatever reason.

By Richard S Imus