Manufactured Home Skirting Prices For Duraskirt™ In 2015

Hidden Vent System

A Revolutionary design in manufactured home skirting products.

Duraskirt™ concrete panel skirting has been manufactured since August of 2000.  Since that time the manufacturing processes have changed to make the concrete panels both stronger and more durable.  A bonus aspect to these processes and changes has come a more streamlined manufacturing control system which has benefited in reducing overall cost.  Because of this Duraskirt™ panels, made mainly for manufactured homes, has some of the best manufactured home skirting prices in 2015.


Duraskirt™ panels are sold primarily in manufactured home skirting kits and then shipped to homes sites throughout the United States.  The costs of these kits are very competitively priced when compared to plywood, block, brick, Hardie board and the like.  Two of the most unique aspects to the system is the engineering and Hidden-Vent System.


The engineering lets the local building jurisdictions understand the principal behind the product and is found as the last page if the Duraskirt™ Installation Manual.  The Hidden-Vent System is the most unique component as it allows for an unrestricted air-flow from one side of the home to the other.  This prevents dead-air  which has a tendency to coagulate under the home.  Coagulating air can have high moisture content and allow it to move upwards into the insulation which in turn can have adverse effect on R-Values.  Decreased R-values can cause heating and cooling costs to rise.


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