Is Duraskirt™ the only engineered skirting for manufactured homes?

Compare Duraskirt™ with other mobile home skirting choices like, Hardie, Hardie Backer, Cement Board, DUROCK, Treated Plywood. Read about the differences and misconceived notions when it comes to skirting products.


I.E. (Intelligently Engineered) Skirting For Manufactured Housing

Have you spent any time considering skirting products for manufactured homes or mobile homes?

If you have you will know that not all products will perform well outside their original intended use. For example we have seen a few products used for skirting that failed rather quickly when used for skirting namely Hardie siding or Hardie backer and DUROCK tile backer. The reasons are simple the moisture, sun and extreme weather conditions all factored into their failure.

Hardie or cement board skirting, when used as siding is a great product but as skirting, exposed to under floor moisture, it begins to warp inward and eventually gets so bad that it pulls from the nails and screws getting brittle in the summer months then begins to fall away leaving the home vulnerable to rodents and the elements.

DUROCK, on the other hand, is a great product when used properly as an interior tile backer, although, DUROCK when used as mobile home skirting eventually crumbles to pieces in a rather short period of time. The reason is simple, the netting is not UV resistant thus it rots away and to add to its demise the cement used is not air en-trained for freezing and thawing weather conditions.

Plywood is one more material that is frequently used is treated plywood skirting or like one of our customers called it, “poison plywood.” Treated plywood is another material that was and is widely used as skirting and has proven to not last. In many cases we see rotten rim-joist that is caused from moisture wicking up the plywood. We also find the plywood eventually rots when back-filled with soil.

As a consumer what should I be looking for in a skirting material?

  1. I recommend, when exploring mobile home skirting products, some questions you must ask yourself.
  2. Is this product designed for skirting use?
  3. Is the intended use of this product meant for skirting?
  4. Is the product engineered for manufactured homes or mobile home skirting? If engineered skirting, does it meet the HUD Permanent Foundation Code?
  5. Has the product had a proven history for skirting manufactured homes or mobile homes?
  6. Is the product warranted for skirting use?
  7. What are my expectations from the skirting and does the skirting literature cover them?


The purpose of writing about these products and problems is to help new skirting customers make a more informed choice when considering their investment. Not only will they be foregoing time and effort but they will be investing money into the future of their home.
Since 2000 when I first envisioned a concrete skirting panel system we were one of many thousands of contractors that routinely grabbed products from the cheapest source then constructed it to fit the manufactured home on site.  This was my routine because it’s how everyone else did it and it was acceptable to almost every building jurisdiction thus sold by sales personnel at the dealerships.
Many home dealerships had a series of skirting products showcased for visual aides to offer their customers along with a set of fixed costs for each.  The sales people generally had no clue of the product benefits or long term use.  None of these products had manuals or warranties.  It was only after offering our product Duraskirt™ to the public that we became aware of the many other product failures and the reasons why.
Over the past thirteen plus years since the first Duraskirt™ panels were making their way onto manufactured homes we have learned much about our industry and its needs. The product has improved but the purpose remains clear as the day we began. To bring an affordable manufactured home specific product to last the life span of the home itself.
Duraskirt™ is intelligently engineered unlike many other products.
What I mean by intelligently engineered becomes very apparent as you break down and dissect the way it’s made. We start by using steel molds that are coated with a renewable resource, corn oil. We then use a galvanized welded wire that is set purposely to the back of each panel to take a frontal force. The panels are marked to indicate the back of the panels.
The concrete mix is designed for exterior adverse weather conditions with en-trained air, super plasticizes, and shrinkage reducer to prevent warping high cement ratio that is considered a waterproof concrete mix. The concrete mix also has fiber reinforcement added to prevent cracking.
Another addition and first is the use of Geo-tech fabric for holding the panels in place for back-filling. The use of a Hidden-Vent is also a breakthrough for manufactured home skirting. As you can see we have been hard at work developing a superior product for our industry.
What is also a first is a concrete skirting product that is packaged for the DIY consumer.
Duraskirt panels weigh less that 65 lbs. each and can be installed by the average consumer. This saves tons of money. Whether your project is large or small Duraskirt is suited to meet most home sets.  The panels are 30” x 37” x ¾” and can be ordered with the fabric on either end. This allows Duraskirt to be used on homes that is set an extra block high. Being ¾” thick the panels fit easily on homes that are not foundation ready. This saves money because some factories charge more for ordering your home foundation ready. One other added benefit is that non-foundation ready homes experience less drywall damage during shipping saving the dealership and home manufacturers repair costs.
Duraskirt™ has an easy to follow manual and installation videos that make it the most popular DIY skirting in the industry. Our goal is to set the industry standard for excellence in manufactured home products making manufactured housing the favorite alternative to the housing industry for both longevity vs. affordability.
How do I order Duraskirt™?

Duraskirt™ is priced by the height of skirting and lineal foot of the perimeter of the home. Measure your home and call for pricing. Use the Pre-Order formto make it more clear what you need. A customer service agent can help you fill out the sheet and either fax, mail or email us a copy. Phone numbers are listed on the website as are emails.

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