Skirting for park model home

Park model homes look great and keep rodents away when the homeowner uses Park Plus skirting by Duraskirt™.

Mobile Home Skirting Installation On  A Park Model Home

The best way to get started is by choosing which kind of skirting to use.  There are several types of skirting to choose from starting from cheap plastic to concrete skirting.  We always use concrete skirting because it makes the most sense for every climate and long term enjoyment.

Choosing Skirting for Park Models can be a challenge because of the way they’re built.  We start with using a 2” drip edge metal, usually white.  We screw it under the home’s perimeter flush with the siding.  Then we measure to the ground and make sure we excavate at least 2” to 4” into the soil for the panels to form a barrier against rodents and large animals.  You can add a wire screen buried under the panels for extra security if you like.

Once grade is established we decide where we want the access points for water, sewer and crawl space.  Then we begin cutting and fitting the panels and placing the installation hardware for the skirting.  The panels when finished look similar to a residential home and feel.

After the concrete panels are placed it’s time to add the door hardware and grey concrete filler to the joints.  We use cement to powder the wet caulking in order to make the panels appear seamless.  The ventilation system is unique as well.

Duraskirt panel system is installed with The Exclusive “Hidden-Vent” system that cross ventilates the crawl space over the panels.  This is the best way to vent the crawl area because there is an even flow of air preventing dead air spaces.

After all the panels, venting, doors and caulking is finished it’s time to back-fill with soil that was disturbed by the excavation.   Once the dirt is leveled you can step back and be proud of your accomplishment, a concrete panel skirting job well done.  A customer was quoted as saying “Duraskirt and be done.”

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By Richard S Imus