How Does Duraskirt™ Hold Up To Freeze Thaw?


Although these are legitimate questions that need to be answered it is important to understand the process we at Creative Concrete Products, LLC went through engineering and designing our concrete skirting panels.  You see there were these and other questions we answered during the design and manufacturing processes that has made a durable concrete panel skirting possible and now installed on thousands of homes across our great nation.


In 2000 Creative Concrete Products LLC began selling and installing  Duraskirt™  in some of the nations most severe and varying weather conditions found in the US, Washington and Oregon State(s).  You can, therefore, trust in a completely designed and thoroughly tested concrete skirting panel system for your home project.  Not to give away all our proprietary secretes, but Duraskirt™ uses a quality concrete additive package blended into the panels.  Some of the characteristics of these concrete additives provide our panels with unique properties that resist cracking or chipping during freeze/thaw conditions as well as preventing expansion or warping during hot and cold temperature changes.  There is more….



The designers of this product were both educated for decades in concrete construction and were manufactured home/ modular home site-work contractors who successfully installed hundreds of these kinds of homes.  This provided an uncommon resume to qualify them for designing and engineering a product, such as, Duraskirt™ concrete panel system when hundreds of others had failed in their attempts to do so.  The real breakthrough came, in of all things, a dream and vision (another story in itself).

how is Duraskirt made

Installing Duraskirt™ PRO-30 panel skirting on a manufactured home.


When we began the process for manufacturing concrete skirting panels the manufactured home industry was thwart with two schools of thought for acceptable skirting.  One was cheap or inexpensive and the other was quality, durability and longevity.  Since both schools of thought had their places, our idea was to marry the two together and this concept is where Duraskirt™ was born.


How Durable IS Duraskirt™?

The panels also had to look great and function well for years in adverse climates.  They also had to be cost effective to meet the manufactured home industries striving after the need for affordable homes.  We began building a manufacturing and molding process to accomplish meeting our industries needs.  It should be noted that no government or private grants were obtained during the years of research and development processes.  Not because we didn’t have a need for outside capitalization, it was more because we enjoy being challenged and therefore devoted our time and efforts to making our product the best.


We understand that free money doesn’t always make for the best environment.  Our environment needed to be lean and challenging similar to the industry we were manufacturing this product to serve.  Our 15 year plus reputation is serving us well as we have made both enemies and allies for our cause.  As always is the challenge to fight against or alongside outdated notions or progressive activists.  Many of our current customers were stalwarts that we converted.  Others were convinced easily as they saw its potential and answered their own question, “why doesn’t someone make a quality, affordable and durable skirting  product for our industry?”


Our challenge is fought every day as more consumers, looking for a product like ours, ask “does Duraskirt™ do what you say it can do for us?”  We say “is 15 plus years of service adequate?”  “Is an engineer stamp enough?”  “Is our concern for meeting and exceeding our industries needs sufficient?”  “Is having more than three decades of work experience in concrete, manufacturing and contracting ample?”  Maybe its our customer service that will win you over but regardless what it takes for you to come aboard we are always here to help.


We welcome all our customers to our family.  Yes we consider you a family as family gives a good word to others when they find a great product like Duraskirt™.  Many of our sales come by word of mouth.  So we want to back up your words when we serve your family and friends.


Thank you!


Richard and David Imus

Creative Concrete Products, LLC