home skirting

Home Skirting Finishes Off Your House Completely!

Mobile home skirting is a fashionable and the intricate way to complete the exterior of the home. While doing so you can easily ensure the safety of the assets. You can choose plain or the vinyl panel or even the faux bricks for your mobile home. In the present market, mobile home is the most adopted concepts among the people and can improve the overall appearance with different materials in your mobile home.  Mobile home skirting is actually used to seal the area near the ground that is found open.

There are different types of mobile home skirting available:

  • There is traditional metal skirting that is available in varieties of colors and involve less maintenance cost. The only disadvantage is that they are more prone to dent and can cause damage easily.
  • Wood lattice work is the other conventional option that is widely used. It is found either in natural or painted white color. With the advanced technology the concept has become more exciting and offer long lasting choices.
  • Vinyl is highly durable compared to any other product. Vinyl does not fade or dent and it is also a cost effective solution in residential construction.

There is some of the manufactured home skirting ideas:

  • Metal: It is the skirting that does not involve any stereotypical gray. They are available in varieties of colors and shapes for your mobile homes. It also demands very little maintenance. It is a heavy material so it does not blow away with the winds and easy to install.
  • Concrete: If you are looking for durability and strength then you should opt for the concrete skirting. You do not have to bear expenses for maintenance and it does not get damaged easily. Though it is an expensive item, but it creates a tight seal around the base. There are access panel for the ventilation which prevent moisture.
  • Simulated Stone: If you are fond of stone and brick then you can purchase the simulated stone vinyl skirting for the mobile home. The simulated stone ensures the beauty of the home and offers an appearance of the solid foundation with the touch of personality.

There are also some of the materials available that you can adopt in order to make your mobile home more attractive. Wood, COB is some of the environmental friendly manufactured home skirting ideas that are in huge demand in the market.

By Richard S Imus