Duraskirt installtion

Installing a Durskirt™ Panel.

Question About Duraskirt Installation:

— How much time does Duraskirt™ take to install?


We have people ask abut Duraskirt installation all the time.  You can simply go by how long a single panel takes to install?  Once you know this you can simply do the math.  The average home takes approximately 60 panels.  So let’s assume 5 minutes each multiply by 60 panels then divide by 60 minutes per hour =  5 hours.

Now do not be frustrated if it takes you more time.  We have people that can install a home in less than three hours which is flat out moving.  Don’t be shamed because most homeowners average twice this rate and it can take even longer if the site is not prepped properly.

Remember the five P’s? 

Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.  If you have never heard of the five P’s well, it’s about time you learned and take it to heart. I want to continue by emphasizing the following before we go into preparation because I feel it very important to get this concept down first, that is, install times.

Again, How long does Duraskirt installation it take?

Really it depends on your home. Usually it can take 3 – 8 hours to remove existing skirting from your home. Then you need to inspect and see if you have and rot where you need to attach the new …skirting and if so you must replace these areas with new wood. When this is all finished, Duraskirt installation can take between 3 to 7 minutes per panel to install depending on your skill level and the home site. So one person can install Duraskirt™ in one 9 hour day or up to 3 seven hour days. Two people can install Duraskirt™ in 4 1/2 hours or up to 10 1/2 hours.

mobile home re-leveling service and Duraskirt installtion

1″ to a 1 1/2″ gap from top of skirting panel to give good ventilation.

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Helpful Hint: Another use for your shovel.

They need a tape measure built into the handle.

Grade the site first by measuring and placing a 31″ mark on your shovel or a stick.  A shovel handle works best because it is already in your hand.  A properly prepared site is graded so that the skirting panels have a 31″ gap to the ground from the rim-joist.  When the panels go in they need at least a 1″ gap but can go as much as 1 -1/2″ gap.  This photo helps explain:

I hope you can see Duraskirt™ installation is easy!

By Richard S Imus