skirting for mobile homes

Mobile home show with skirting by Duraskirt™ featured.

Mobile homes are affordable and perfect for starter homes. They look even better with mobile home skirting on them.  Skirting can be expensive to have someone come and put the skirt on for you; however, it is now possible for you to do it yourself.  Duraskirt™ is not new to the business; they have installed skirting on thousands of mobile and manufactured homes.  Concrete skirting having the ability to easily do it yourself is the first of its kind.


Duraskirt™ offers the first ever do it yourself mobile home skirting, and you will get the instructional videos to show you it is not difficult to install.  The first step is to cut the panels into the size you need, cut the holes for the dryer vent and other utilities.  Remember that this is concrete and the durability is never the second best choice.  The joints are easy to conceal, making it look like the base of a regular home.


A great quality is also offered the “Hidden Vent System.”  This is the best way to vent a crawl area of your home.  It leaves no dead air space and all areas are equally ventilated.  This is only one of many good qualities of Duraskirt™ that shows it is intelligently engineered unlike other skirting products used.


The best part of Duraskirt™ is that you will receive many photographs in addition to the instructional videos.  There is always someone on hand to answer any questions that you may have.  If you are looking for mobile home skirting that offers a warranty, has a professional appearance without the professional price, then Duraskirt™ is the answer.  They have taken something that many require for their home and now allow them to install it themselves.


Don’t hesitate to call and order your skirting material from a trusted company and a great product.  You will not be disappointed.  Visit then order your mobile home skirting.

By Richard S Imus