cornerstone skirting

Duraskirt™ stone or pebble skirting is the cornerstone skirting of the manufactured home industry.

When you think about mobile home skirting, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  When most people think of mobile home skirting, their mind runs right to those cheap-looking, flimsy pieces of skirting that can get bent if the wind blows too hard. And why shouldn’t people jump right to this image, when far too many companies are offering their customers a poor choice in skirting?

Thankfully, if you are a mobile home owner, you don’t have to settle for cheap, ugly skirting that is constantly getting bent out of shape. Duraskirt™ offers durable, long-lasting, strong—and aesthetically pleasing—skirting for mobile homes that provide the residential foundation appearance people expect. As “The Cornerstone Mobile Home Skirting system that resembles a foundation wall”, Duraskirt™, there is no more worrying about your skirting being damaged by the smallest of things, like a stray rock being lightly tossed about in a storm or a neighborhood cat accidentally running into it—no more looking at cheap materials and hating how much it brings down the look of your mobile home. Duraskirt™ is truly the top of the line and earns the title of being “The Cornerstone Mobile Home Skirting”. Duraskirt™ looks great, feels great, and is much more durable than the cheap stuff you found on many mobile homes.

A question for you: What is the number one problem that mobile home owners run into with traditional mobile home skirting? The answer: damage! Traditional mobile home skirting can be damaged by even small incidents, like the aforementioned cat or stray walnut. Duraskirt™ mobile home skirting, on the other hand, is made from durable concrete that will last longer than traditional skirting.   And more importantly, it’s not susceptible to damages from the occasional bump by a neighborhood cat.

But Duraskirt™ mobile home skirting isn’t just strong: it adds plenty of aesthetic appeal to mobile homes, too!   Traditional skirting can make a mobile home look cheap, which can bring down its resale value. But the mobile home skirting offered by Duraskirt™ is not only strong—it can actually add to the resale value of your mobile home because of how great it looks. And, of course, its other top qualities.

Duraskirt™ looks great on the following applications as well:

  • Post and beam home
  • Pier and beam home
  • Deck skirting
  • House skirting
  • Skirting for manufactured home
  • Hot tub skirting
  • Wainscoting

Why settle for traditional, lesser mobile home skirting when you could go to the very top of the line and install “The Cornerstone Mobile Home Skirting“, offered by Duraskirt™?   Don’t settle for anything less than the very best!