pier and beam home skirting

Exterior of pier and beam home featuring Duraskirt™ concrete skirting.

Looking For Creative Ideas To Skirt Your Pier, Post or Beam Home?

Purchasing a manufactured or mobile home can be an exciting experience for all the new homeowners in the making. Full control over the parts used and the ease with which your new house comes together is something you’ll look back at with fond memories. The need of concrete skirting for pier and beam homes is often overlooked, but everyone eventually discovers their importance.


Skirting Installation for Your Home

For the outcome to align perfectly with your expectations when moving into a pier and beam home, you should take some time to install the proper mobile skirting. There are many options for you to consider, which include the size, materials and look of these panels. The extra comfort is worth the extra care put into this decision. Besides, it’s the perfect chance to save some money on your utility bills and protect your home!


Concrete Skirting

Among the most common materials, such as wood, vinyl and zinc, concrete skirting panels stand out as a top choice among numerous owners of manufactured and mobile homes. It’s ideal for situations where durability is a major factor and serves to effectively boost safety.

They are heavier than other panels, so you should remember to take that into consideration when arranging their transportation to your pier and beam home. Concrete skirting panels will not call for additional materials to be used in framing as like other skirting materials.


Preparing for Installation

Installing concrete skirting is also considered more difficult than other types of panels, but unless you are located in a cold climate, it’s worth the trouble. When set up correctly, it will become impenetrable to any elements and animals that might be encountered near your home.

Before you proceed to choose the panels that will fit the best, you’ll need to collect some measurements of your pier and beam home first. Both the length and height are obviously needed, which can be measured with a simple tape measurer, extending it from each corner to another.


Purchase of Concrete Skirting

When you’ve got all the measurements, don’t rush to the hardware store just yet! While the first instinct of every homeowner is to save as much money as possible on maintenance and installation costs, the quality of concrete skirting panels remains a major factor in influencing the comfort of living in your house.

The best concrete skirting for your pier and beam home is always found at companies that specialize in providing specialized services in this field. If that option sounds costly, you will be pleasantly surprised by the budget-friendly offers that are in store for you!



The products and services provided by professionals at DuraSkirt meet the optimum price and quality requirements of homeowners such as yourself. All of the panels, as well as any additional parts and instructions needed during installation are provided at the official website. You can be sure to find the most fitting concrete skirting for pier and beam homes at the most affordable prices.

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