Hidden Vent

Park Model Home With Hidden Vent

The Future Is Here And It Features “The Hidden Vent System”

Gone are the days when aluminum was the only choice for mobile home skirting.  Now you can get everything you need in a new concrete solution for your mobile home.  Duraskirt™ is one of the most effective ways to skirt your home whether it is a manufactured home skirting, deck skirting, a post and beam building skirting or a mobile home skirting.  The skirting is made of high strength concrete that is cast over a galvanized welded wire.


One of the major additions to the Duraskirt™ is the hidden vent.  This is a ventilation system in the skirting that is hidden under the edge of the home and at the top of the skirting.   The ventilation allows the air to flow through under the house making sure that there is no build-up of dampness or any musty air trapped under the floorboards of you home.   This really helps provide your family with a healthier air quality in your home. Since the air venting system is set up to be hidden under the edge of the home it does not allow for animal intruders to make themselves at home under your home.


Concrete skirting is one of the strongest skirting options on the market making it excellent for all types of homes.  While it is strong and can hold up against most weather and can hold more weight if necessary than other skirting types such as aluminum, it is still light weight enough to be useful and to produce great protection for you home. Installation is not a difficult process for a professional and can be done in a short amount of time.   This is one of the reasons that it is considered to be more affordable than some of the other types of skirting.


The Duraskirt™ concrete skirting functions not only as a way to cover up the underside of the home, keep animals out, keep heat in and cold out of the home but it can also be used to help add another layer of protection for the stability of the home.   The ability to withstand a decent amount of weight means that your home will be safe for years to come with the durability of Duraskirt.   This makes it extremely functional and with a warranty provided it can really be considered one of the best choices for the future of skirting.


Duraskirt™ concrete skirting is also a great asset if you are planning to do any significant landscaping around your home. It provides a very classy neutral look that will work well with most types of landscaping techniques.  As a great backdrop for gardens around the home or even to help hide some of the less attractive components of the home, the Duraskirt™ concrete skirting is extremely versatile.  You will find that you can change the design of the exterior of your home in color or siding and still fit well with the skirting. The concrete comes in several textures and styles to fit your desires.


The durability of the Duraskirt™ concrete skirting allows you to feel confident that you won’t have to deal with the skirting on your home again.   It will simply be completed once the installation is finished and you will be free to do what you want with your home.   Because the panels go together easily it isn’t a problem to leave a crawl space if necessary or to run extra Duraskirt™ around your deck or porches to give a more complete and well-manicured look to your home.   It gives the illusion that you have a full concrete foundation under your home with the look and feel of the Duraskirt™ concrete skirting.


Before you decide to try any other product you will want to look at Duraskirt™ and see how it works.   You may want to meet with someone to discuss your options and see just how affordable it is to have it installed on your home.   The investment is well worth the money with the durability and attractive appearance that Duraskirt™ concrete skirting provides to any building type, not just a mobile home.   Take time to make this easy curb appeal change to your home and see the difference it will make both in the functionality of your home and the beauty that it can provide.


Duraskirt™ concrete skirting is HUD approved and will protect your home from the weather while creating a beautiful finished look.  Thanks to the Senior and Veteran discounts available it is even easier to fit the concrete skirting into your budget.


By Richard S Imus