Rock Skirting

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 — 4 Reasons Why Concrete Board Skirting Is the Right Choice

There is plenty of mobile home skirting options out there, but if you want to do what’s best for your home and your family, you’ve got to opt for concrete.

Here’s why:

1) It can go toe-to-toe with Mother Nature

Whether you live in a place where the temperature routinely goes over 100°, you live in a place that’s always rainy, or you live in a place where even polar bears would shiver during the winter months, concrete mobile home skirting can deal with it.  That’s a big difference from wood, which can rot after a summer’s worth of thunderstorms.  It’s also a big difference from metal skirting, which can rust in high humidity.  And, it’s a big difference from vinyl skirting, which can tear off in high winds or get brittle in cold temperatures.

If you don’t want to replace your skirting every few years, you’ve got to go with a material that’s able to withstand anything that Mother Nature throws at it.  Concrete board skirting is the only material that can handle everything!

2) It can lend your utility bills a helping hand

The crawl space underneath your mobile home can be murder on your utility bills.  After all, it gives the outside air a place to swirl around — and, thus, affect the temperature inside your home.  It also gives your climate-controlled indoor air a place to escape.

But when you’ve got concrete board mobile home skirting, these problems disappear.  That’s because the skirting is tough enough to keep even the coldest, most blustery of winds from sneaking under your home.  And, it will keep any heat that escapes from your home underneath it, where it can still help keep you warm and toasty.

You won’t just see a big difference in the winter, though.  Once summertime comes calling, your concrete mobile home skirting will prevent your home’s air conditioned air from escaping, and it will keep the hot outside air from making its way into your crawl space.

3) It keeps all of those pesky critters out

No matter where you live, there is a family of raccoons, rats, snakes, or insects that would love to move into your crawl space!  If you’d like to keep the underside of your home critter-free, you’ve got to opt for concrete mobile home skirting.  It’s so tough that even the most determined of critters won’t be able to eat their way through it.

4) It makes your home look permanent

Let’s face it — having a mobile home that’s simply propped up with blocks doesn’t offer much of a “homey” feel.  It makes your home look like it can be loaded onto a truck and driven away at a moment’s notice.

But once you install some concrete mobile home skirting, that “temporary” look will disappear.  You’ll have a home that looks like it has a traditional concrete foundation — making it the perfect place to set down roots!

By Richard S Imus